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Hiring a Nanny

Why Hire Through Us

While it is possible to find the kind of quality nanny your family deserves on your own, disappointments are far more common. The employing couples using this approach often find the performance of the nanny far less than desired. Many times those who answer through an ad have already been rejected by nanny agencies because they do lack the education, training, experience or standards that you deserve.

Benefits of Our Service

During our screening process, we check achievements and talents, training and experience, family background, and any negative or behavioral traits. We report all findings to you during your decision making process.

By using our service, you will:

  • Save time. We'll screen out the unqualified candidates and present you with only the highest quality candidates to choose from.
  • Reach a market of potential candidates not reached through standard advertising channels. Many of our nannies are found through the friends and acquaintances of nannies we've already successfully placed.
  • Minimize the likelihood of an unsatisfactory selection through careful screening on both ends of the employment arrangement.
  • Prevent misunderstandings due to lack of a detailed job description or family's lifestyle.
  • Be provided with a contract which protects both parties and provides a guarantee to the Hiring Couple and Nanny.

Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee to the Hiring Couple is a 30 day pro-rated partial refund and a six month replacement. Replacement assistance is according to availability. No refunds after 30 days. We expect you to be willing to give your new Nanny at least two weeks to adjust to your family and the job. We will replace the Nanny if there are not any irresolvable problems, if needed, within the first six months, and providing you did nothing to breach the contract.

Our Candidates

Most of our applicants are young women of college age who are looking for the opportunity to grow, learn, and gain the experience this kind of job offers. They are primarily religious girls with high standards, good work ethics, who do not smoke, drink, party, or get involved with drugs. They come from good family backgrounds and desire to work in a warm family environment. Although some are not trained professionally, all have experience from home and neighborhood child care, with a sincere desire to give love and care for your children.

The Screening Process

First, all canidates must fill out a detailed application. Next, an in-depth interview is scheduled. This is done in person as often as possible; for those who cannot come to our office, we interview by telephone. The interview confirms the information given in the application and proceeds with a few questions to check motivation, understanding of nanny responsibilities, communication ability, etc. Helpers West then requests three to four references of which more than half must be child care references. This helps give a complete composite of child care ability and personality. We discuss situations that could have a positive or negative impact on a placement, and get to interact with the candidates in thoughtful situations. The discussion also includes pointers on communication, first-aid, and nutrition. Five out of seven applicants do not qualify and must be turned away. We only work with those applicants whose references tell us they fully capable of all the demands of child care and if we, as an agency, feel absolutely comfortable with them taking this position.

The Next Step

Complete the Hiring Couple application form as soon as possible, and send a few photos of your family and home for reference. If you have questions, contact us at or by calling (801) 546-3888.

Once your application is received, we will contact you by phone or e-mail to confirm. We will also begin matching your application with the applications of nannies we feel are best suited to your situation and family. We advise that you call each nanny to personally introduce yourself. Once both the Nanny and Hiring Couple are in agreement to begin work, we will schedule a time for a conference call to enter into the contract agreement. This conference call is very important, as it provides both parties the protection of a contract agreement with a witness for the contract. Each party will receive a copy of the agreement (you will need to return a signed copy to Helpers West.)

Once a nanny has been hired, you will receive a supply of performance review sheets which must be completed regularly by you and the nanny and sent to Helpers West. A short time after the nanny's arrival, we will contact both you and the nanny to ensure everything is being performed according to the contract agreement, and to inquire as to whether there are any additional questions or problems that have arisen.

We are available for any questions or concerns throughout the placement process, including the duration of the placement. Please notify Helpers West if there is any problem with the Helper. You are required to notify Helpers West before firing a nanny. Failure to do so constitutes a breach of contract.

Cost and Fees

We suggest the hiring couple start the weekly salary somewhere around $350.00 (gross) for a beginning live-in nanny placement and two children. For live-out nanny placement the nannies make $10.00 to $15.00 per hour. For live-out nannies, according to Federal law, any hours worked over 40 hours must be paid time and one-half. Most live-out nannies require $400.00 to $500.00 weekly for a full-time beginning nanny. If you are interested in live-out only, please check with Helpers West and see if we place live-out nannies in your area. For each additional child requiring care, you should expect to pay at least $25 more per week. For each additional duty listed under medium and heavy housekeeping duties that you desire, a minimum of $10 per week should be paid in addition to the base salary. More experienced nannies will also expect to be paid more.

Examples of housecleaning duties

  • Light -- picking up after the children, tidying the children's rooms, children's laundry, preparing children's meals, kitchen maintenance, keeping Helper's bedroom and bath neat and clean, vacuuming or dust mopping any spills and dusting Helpers room and children room
  • Medium-- occasional vacuuming and dusting (more than mentioned above), parents laundry, errands, feeding pets
  • Heavy -- thorough vacuuming of house, parents ironing, making of all beds, changing linen, clean all bathrooms, clean kitchen thoroughly, prepare dinner for family, weekly grocery shopping.

Fees and Conditions

There are two fees involved, a $45.00 Application Fee, and a Placement Fee which are shown below:

  • Eleven to twelve months -- $1950.00 (discount for Salt Lake City and surrounding areas)
  • Four to Ten Months -- $ 175.00 (per month, discount for Salt Lake City and surrounding areas)
  • Summer Placement -- $ 575.00 (3 months, discount for Salt Lake City and surrounding areas)

The Application fee is due at the time of submitting your application. The Placement Fee is due by the Hiring Couple at the time of the 3-way Conference Call.

*Fees are subject to change without notice

Please read our Terms and Conditions