Helpers West

Becoming a Nanny

Our Promise to You

We are the one agency that encourages you to continue your education because we know that a higher education is something you will never regret. Helpers West is there when you need us. We help you as you begin your career as a nanny, while you are a nanny, and after you leave your position to continue other educational or professional avenues.

As part of keeping that promise, Helpers West will:

  • Provide a detailed contract.
  • Help you to obtain your top salary in a better working environment with reasonable hours.
  • Offer you positions in different locations across the U.S. with excellent pre-screened families.
  • Network you with other nannies in your new area to help you make new friends.
  • Be here for you if any concerns arise while you are a nanny.
  • Provide a reference, if asked, that you can use as you pursue other positions after you have completed your stay with us as a nanny.


  • Must have a deep love of children.
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be a high school graduate, or equivalent
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Be an achiever
  • Be able to fufill commitments
  • Have the sincere desire to improve yourself through additional education and on the job training.
In addition, children, especially young children, are very teachable and the hiring family will expect you to be a positive guide. With all Helpers West families, child care is the number one priority. Your influence on the hiring family's children will be an important one. Our families take very special care in considering someone to watch and teach their children. Therefore, it is important that you as the nanny are emotionally prepared for this responsibility.

What to Look for in a Family

Money and location are important, but they should not be your primary consideration in choosing a family. It is just as important to find a family and situation you will be happy in so that your overall experience will be a good one.

After we tell a hiring couple about several girls, the hiring couple will decide which ones they are most interested in. To these girls they make a get-acquainted phone call. This call can make or break a placement for you. It is important that you be alert, attentive, talkative, and enthusiastic during your conversation with the hiring couple. Immediately after the get-acquainted phone call, we need to hear from you. Tell us if you are interested in this family or if you would like some more choices. Please be prepared to ask questions about the job and children.

After you have accepted an offer from a hiring couple, we schedule a 3-way phone conversation between the hiring couple, yourself, and a Helpers West placement coordinator. During this conversation, we will repeat everything (hours, pay responsibilities). Each party receives a copy of the 3-way agreement form (you will need to sign and return a copy to Helpers West). A departure date is set and travel arrangements are made at this time.

Salary Questions

At Helpers West, we realize your importance. We encourage our families to pay our nannies higher wages.
The starting salary is a minimum $350.00 per week (higher for those with prior experience), plus room, board and round-trip airfare. You will receive periodic raises also.

Job Expectations

While each situation is different, there are some things you can expect that will be consistent within age groups.

With infants, expect the care to be constant, except for nap times and when the mother relieves you in the evening.

Children who attend nursery school, preschool, or elementary school will not need care during the day, but some of that time will be taken up by light housekeeping. Heavy housekeeping, such as thoroughly cleaning or scrubbing floors is usually done by a cleaning service or may be an option for extra pay. Teaching children on a daily basis will be a fantastic experience. It can also be trying and test the limits of your patience. It may be your responsibility to teach a child to crawl, walk, talk or give toilet training. You may help with homework, teach simple math, and help with reading.

Be creative with your teaching opportunities, and be involved with the children at their level. Prepare to have a game plan, and be prepared to schedule activities each day that you work.

Your Commitment

There is no cost to you and you are not obligated to take any position offered. However, if you accept a position, you have the following responsibilities:

  • Professional commitment to stay with the family (usually one year). The family will pay for a ticket to their home and a return ticket back. However, if you leave your family anytime prior to the contract ending date, you may be responsible for your own air fare home.
  • To give quality child care. Understand the child and provide for its needs. Our families expect you to read to the child and challenge the child in stimulating play activities. Daytime TV is discouraged for both you and the child.
  • Be a positive influence. This means not doing things that will adversely affect your job. This includes careful use of the family's property; NO DRUGS or ALCOHOL ABUSE. Remember that the children are your responsibility and you need to keep their safety and well being in mind at all times.


If you are up to the challenge and have decided to make the commitment to spend a rewarding time helping others and expanding your horizons, you can apply by clicking the "Apply Now" button, or by contacting us to mail or email an application. After you have applied, more information can be found by following this link.